Liturgy Receptions

Special Liturgy Receptions

The Hospitality Commission considers equally important the receptions it sponsors in conjunction with other parish groups following special liturgical celebrations.

Funeral Luncheons

Funding for these luncheons is supplied by Christian Service as well as by optional donations from families but the volunteers who prepare and serve the meals are coordinated through the Hospitality Commission. Many of the committee members serve on funeral luncheon teams as well. Currently there are six teams, one of which works exclusively on Saturdays. Each team has a captain or co-captains, two or three callers who can tact the food donors, six to eight workers who actually set-up, serve and clean up after the luncheons as well as thirty to forty food donors. Each and every one of these people contribute in their own way to the atmosphere of welcome, warmth and comfort which the Hospitality Commission seeks to convey to “family” members and their guests on these occasions.

Feast of All Souls

Annually, on or very close to November second, the Feast of All Souls, the Worship Commission sponsors a Mass of Remembrance commemorating in particular those who have been buried from holy Family during the previous twelve months. Letters of invitation are sent to their families inviting them to attend the Mass and reception following. This reception provided the opportunity for family members to recall memories of their loved one and also to share emotions with others who have also suffered a loss.

Confirmation Liturgy and the Easter Vigil

The Hospitality Commission also works with the Religious Formation Department to set up receptions following the Confirmation Liturgy and the Easter Vigil when new members are welcomed into the church.

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